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Today I have some Incredible skincare from Clean beauty Brand Volition Beauty 

Also available at SEPHORA

They kindly sent all this product RECENTLY so keep in mind this is a first impressions post!




Baobab Toning Essence

Tones | Nourishes | Soothes

“The Tree of Life in a bottle”

Baobab. It’s a symbol of life on the African plains. It’s a mighty seed. It powers this face mist to help tone and balance skin so your skincare regimen is more effective.

Some Featured Ingredients

– Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply hydrates for visibly plumper skin.

– Rose Water: Features anti-inflammatory properties to soothe redness/irritation while refreshing skin’s surface.


– De-stresses skin
– Tones and helps balance skin’s natural pH
– Hydrates and soothes
– Removes excess oil, makeup and dirt

My Thoughts so Far – A

So far amazing! Really great at removing makeup etc. I love when a fully natural product can do this I also Love that it restores the natural pH. Very soothing and nourishing too!

Moringa Silk Body Spray

Hydrates | Absorbs Quickly | Smooths

Moringa. It’s a drought-resistant plant. It’s an ancient Egyptian ritual oil. It’s the hydrator in this non-greasy, ultra-light body oil spray that absorbs in seconds and leaves the skin soft as silk.

Some key ingredients

Moringa Powder
Rich in Vitamin C; Hydrates and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Sweet Almond Seed Oil
Helps diminish visible signs of aging and hydrates.


– Hydrates instantly and helps improve moisture retention
– Improves the appearance of overall skin texture
– Absorbs quickly
My Thoughts so far- A+++
This is the product from Volition I tried first and wow! In all honesty I could take a bath in this. It feels so luxe and will be perfect for the cold winter months ahead! Their bodycare is amazing! 

Brightens | Smooths | Soothes

Strawberry. It’s the undiscovered skin-brightener. It’s the ultimate radiance serum. It’s packed with 20% strawberry-derived Vitamin C for visibly smoother and softer skin.

Some Key Ingredients

Strawberry Fruit & Seed Extract
Full of Vitamin C to help brighten the appearance of dull skin. Reduce excess oil to help minimize the appearance of pores.
Kakadu Plum
Vitamin C-rich fruit to help boost luminosity and reduce the appearance of redness.
– Visibly brightens skin complexion
– Hydrates to visibly plump appearance
– Helps enhance skin’s natural complexion
– Helps reduce excess oil
– Minimizes the appearance of redness and fine lines & wrinkles
My Thoughts so far -A 
I love it! 20% Vitamin C is right up my alley. I find that all their products have the ability to tone down redness in my skin! And Naturally – That’s amazing! This serum is absolutely lovely and If you want to start with a product from Volition – I think this would be the one.

Purifies | Minimizes Pores | Controls Oil

Celery. A classic staple turned modern juicing powerhouse. It’s the superstar ingredient in this oil-free face moisturizer that purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores for healthier-looking skin.

Some featured ingredients
Celery Seed Extract
Helps improve overall complexion for a smooth, poreless appearance
Hyaluronic Acid
Replenishes and helps improve moisture retention.

-Peptides: Hydrates for visibly plumper skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

-Cucumber & Lavender Extract: Helps soothe and calm.


– Hydrates and visibly plumps
– Helps minimize the appearance of pores and uneven skin texture
– Purifies

My Thoughts so Far. A+++

My favourite for the face! Hands down! The gel cream texture is so beautiful – I put it in the fridge right away. I love cool soothing skincare,  When applied it feels like I just drank two litres of water – skin wise. You KNOW that dewy Glow.  It does it – on first application!


Illuminates | Absorbs Quickly | Hydrates

It’s a body-care dream. It’s a duo for supple, smooth skin. It’s gentle exfoliation from the Turmeric and a natural, silky finish from the Moringa.

Moisture Soft Technology
Hydrates skin leaving a soft, supple and velvety smooth finish.
Pearlized Powder
Contains amino acids and antioxidants to enable a radiant sheen.


– Hydrates
– Luminous finish suitable for décolletage, neck, and body
– Pearl-like glow
– Absorbs quickly

My Thoughts so far. B+

This leaves a beautiful pearly finish on the skin but I do like the Moringa Silk Body spray more as I find it absorbs faster. The two together make a beautiful combination in leaving the body super glowy! Perfect for the Holiday season!


Protects | Soothes | Hydrates

Blue Light. It’s emitted from our devices. It’s affecting your skin without your knowledge. It’s not anymore with this moisturizing facial mist that deeply nourishes and soothes stressed skin.

Some featured ingredients

– Indian Ginseng Flower Extract: Replenishes and softens skin.

– Vitamin B5: Soothes and minimizes the appearance of red, stressed skin.

– Safflower Flower Extract: Gives skin a natural, healthy-looking glow.


– Helps with blue light emitted from devices
– Hydrates and nourishes
– Helps minimize the appearance of photoaging
– Reduces the appearance of redness

My thoughts so far – A+ 

Beautiful to leave right by my desktop! Mist whilst you type. Very soothing and I definitely will keep this in the fridge as well! I don’t know why but I think that all the mists I have absorb faster when they are cold!

Rose of Jericho Renewing Elixir

Age-Defies | Hydrates | Plumps

Rose of Jericho. It’s known as the resurrection plant. It’s capable of springing skin back to life. It’s in this anti-aging serum that combats common visible signs of aging: dullness, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Some Featured Ingredients
Rose of Jericho
Hydrates and minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Help for a smoother complexion.
– Rosehip, Jojoba, Camellia, and Myrrh Oils: Soothe and nourish.


– Minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
– Improves dullness and appearance of uneven skin texture
– Hydrates and helps even skin tone

My thoughts so far -B 
 This is a product that will need more time. I mixed a Bit with the Strawberry C and I loved the combination. This is something I love about Volition. You can mix for your own skin type. The possibilities are endless. 

Hydrates | Age-Defies | Soothes

Orange blossom. It’s the fragrant flower of the citrus. It’s a surprising age-defier. It’s the headliner in this moisturizer for oily to combination skin to soften and help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Some Key Ingredients
Orange Blossom
Helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Amino Acid Complex
Promotes a healthy pH balance while hydrating and moisturizing skin.


– Hydrates and softens
– Prevents and minimizes the visible signs of aging
– Helps reduce the appearance of redness

My thoughts so Far-A 

This is BEAUTIFUL – You could even layer this on thick if you wanted to use it as a mask. If You skin is on the dry side – Like mine is – It will drink this up. I would compare this to Jet lag mask by Summer Fridays. It’s not an exact dupe – But I think that they feel very similar on the skin and I like this Much More! 


I love Volition Beauty a ton as they are making significant waves in the CLEAN BEAUTY World.


If You are interested in WHAT THEY NEVER USE

which I was


You can Shop Volition Beauty on their website or on Sephora

Have you tried anything from this wonderful brand!

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