Astra Medicare ✨ Luxury Medi Spa Brampton – A Review

*This experience was hosted – all views are my own


Hi Friends – Hope You are all well! Toronto is finally in phase 3 of opening. Life is very different but we are all adjusting to the new normal! I am positive and optimistic as always!

On Friday, I was hosted at Astra Medi Spa in Brampton and it was really lovely!

Astra Medi Spa


I had a Zoom consultation beforehand and we discussed treatment for me. Botox and filler was decided upon. AstraMedi Spa is Woman owned and operated … You guys know how I feel about this!


 – left -Decided on 60 Units of Botox & Stylage M – for the lips – Similar to Juvederm but lasts about 9 months to a year.

How did I find the clinic ?

I find them extremely warm and cordial. They sent a car to and back. It’s spotless and everything is that beautiful Tiffany blue! Very Calming. Everyone smiles – and Now that masks are MANDATORY – You can really notice smiles more through the EYES.  Face shields are used through the procedures as well as medical gowns.  Just like Hospital gear. I was temperature checked as I came in and offered Champagne ! I don’t drink but what a sweet touch!



I have had botox before and I can’t wait to see the results – Botox is not immediate. It takes about a week. to show. PAINLESS.

60 Units of Botox is 600$ Canadian.


They numbed my lips with a cream first and it only hurt a tad.!!! Bruising is to be expected as is swelling.

If You follow me on Instagram You can see my updates in the Highlight I created for Astra,

Stylage M- Lips – 450$ Canadian

They sent these beautiful flowers alongside gorgeous skincare and ice packs !!!! WHAT a magical touch!






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