Astra Medicare – Part 2 🌟

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Hi Guys !!!!!!!

Part 2 of My experience at Astra Medi Spa – I went back this Sunday – Just a few days ago .  The first Time the team had decided on Botox and Stylage – (dermal filler).  They treated my forehead, eye region and chin with Botox and Lips with Stylage.  It’s always recommended to go in for a check up a few weeks later. Fillers and Botox are not instant as they tackle nerves and muscles within the face ,

Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can’t contract. That makes wrinkles relax and soften. Botox is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye), and frown lines.


Lip correction and enhancement

The lip area is very difficult to treat correctly due to its mobility, vascularization and sensitivity to thermal and mechanical shocks. STYLAGE® Special Lips with and without Lidocaine is specially designed for this delicate and sensitive region. It can improve the lip contour, restore proper lip volume and shape the lips. For a more comfortable procedure, STYLAGE® Special Lips is also available with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine.


On Sunday – The team at Astra Sent a car again – They are wonderful and they checked up on my results. My forehead is way smoother. The Volume in my lips has increased!  My appearance is Softer, This is exactly what I wanted.

They added more Botox to the upper forehead and chin and more Stylage to the lower lip and chin. It’s all about balancing the face out and I love that team has such a a wonderful medical and beauty aesthetic.  It’s mathematical really when it comes to the proportions of the face.


Learn all about STYLAGE® 

By adding Volume with a dermal filler like Stylage, my appearance is softer and more awake looking.  As we age we lose VOLUME! They used lidocaine and really there is only a bit of swelling and bruising. It’s quite minimal and less than the first time I went because of where Stylage was placed. The lower part of the face- chin and lower lip tend to be less than sensitive the upper lip and around the nose. We have nerve endings everywhere on our faces but around the nose and upper lip seem to be the most sensitive places. Again a local anaesthetic is used.

Icing is recommended to reduce swelling and bruising .

There will be more on ASTRA –

so STAY tuned!

Thank You to Astra Medispa for making each experience with them so wonderful


Between the two visits

This is what I had

Lips –  2x size S filler =700

Cheeks -2x size L filler = 1200

Chin Filler = 350

Botox = 540

Total $2790 plus taxes





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