SELV RITUEL-A Stunning Montreal Brand – Bath

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Has made quite a soft impact on my life. As many of you know; I spend a ton of time in the bath  It’s My absolute Zen. It’s My place of meditation and full on calm. Nothing can disturb my inner peace when I am in the bathtub. I always say 50% Mermaid, 1% Angel and the rest ….. Human 🙂

If You follow me on Instgram, You will see that many of my posts are bath related. It relaxes me to create Relaxing Images.


So Let’s talk about SELV 

They create a monthly box of pure aromatic magic.


The experience 

“Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, delivered to your door every month. 5 to 7 products discovered per month with our monthly SELVMADE box. A complete ritual to take care of yourself and do you good.

Source of themes, revolving around the bath ritual, the shower and daily rituals. All products are made here respecting our values. Natural and vegan.”




FULL REVIEW before the description – YES!


The Brand is Eco luxe and so very well thought out. You can feel the love in each product. The experience or ritual of taking one of my many baths with their products is absolutely Divine. I do not use that word lightly. 


Every product is experiential and has a visceral effect.  Every single one!

The moment I kindly received the box I had to hurry up and take photos because my first instinct was to TAKE A BATH ….. WITH SELV 🙂 


Here are some of the beautiful products 

This is the April Box

The immersive Kit Le Rituel Être; which means to be is an energetic bath. Eucalyptus, salts and citrus. So beautiful

Each Month they publish a “little Guide” talking about the products inside and the whole vibe of the month’s story. You will be able to find that HERE, when it is published.


I love Citrus everything. It’s so enlivening especially after a very long winter.

This bubble bath is PURE SPRING.


There is a Decadent Eucalyptus and Verbena body scrub. They even have a sports section! You can find Muscle Recovery oil.


EVERYTHING is absolutely Beautiful and made with Love and Intention


This is the most amazing subscription box I have ever received as a Blogger. LIKE 7 years! So there you have it.

Magic 🪄







*pr samples sent for editorial purposes all views are my own



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