A Spa Night With Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Hello Beautifulls!

It’s Finally Gorgeous in Toronto! YESS !

Today I am Going to be talking about Rocky Mountain Soap Company!

A Canadian Brand that I have reviewed on my blog a way long time ago!


I got these yesterday at the FSHOP which I will tell you a bit more about later in this post!

Onto these lovely products…

First of all

The Body Butter – LAVENDER – Hello!

This is amazing and right out of the bath or shower – melts right into the skin!

VERY relaxing!

I put mine in the fridge after using it!

My Fridge is pretty funny – There is a lot of beauty in there!

I would highly recommend this – ESPECIALLY before bed as it is so very calming!

Next up

the Lip Quenches – PLURAL

Here I have Dark Plum & Hibiscus Pink

My favourite

Can You Guess?

Hibiscus Pink

What it is

Quench your lips with rich organic avocado, coconut oil, and beeswax to keep them soft, smooth, and hydrated. Tinted with 100% natural mica and iron oxides, your lips will look as beautiful as a blooming hibiscus tree in the morning.

My thoughts on these

Very moisturizing and leaves a hint of tint!  Absolutely Natural and I layered them before bed.


Love !

And THIS!!!!!

Okay sooooooo


Spirulina and Ginseng softens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Restore the vitality of your skin with this vitamin boost of natural and organic botanicals to reveal youthful looking skin.

100% Natural
Tested on people not animals.

SO I Love the little pouch- I think I can get about 6 applications if I am doing my math right!

Maybe more!

I made a little paste – by using water and applied and left it on for 10 minutes.

Loved the feeling on my face – No tingles – Nothing like that – JUST SOOTHING.

This will be stored in my fridge with their other organic goodies as again – It’s my thing!

I would highly recommend this for All skin types – I did a patch test on my arm yesterday afternoon and everything was awesome so I went for it.

This is so great before bed and I think the ingredient I like the most is Spirulina…


They have so many other ones on their website -Really Lovely….


They leave me wanting more because they are so unique and pure.

And – So excited to tell You guys ….!

I am now ambassador for the FSHOPPE!

What does that mean Cat !!! HA !

Well if you follow me on IG You can see what I posted about yesterday

It’s a Giant beautiful showroom

that belongs to amazing FAULHABER COMMUNICATIONS 

They rep some of the biggest and brightest brands

from beauty to style ….. wow!

I am over the moon after my visit yesterday and will let you guys know more as things happen


I am the happiest Cat ever and as always

Thanks for reading xo





It’s a long weekend here sooooo


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PR Samples included and as always these are my opinions


    1. Cat Forsley

      HIIIIIIIIIII xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo LOVE YOU XO i haven’t mailed u yet xx but i will this weekend ok xo will send you tracking xo its been crazy busy but I HAVE SOMETHING i actually bought for myself – watch stories later xo it will make u smile xo LOVE YOU XO

  1. ChantalOpalFrame

    I’m SO proud of you!!!! This post is wonderful! As soon as I saw lavender listed in the ingredients i’m like YAAAAY haha one of my fav’s!! Looking forward to all of your future posts! Congratulations again my love xoxo

  2. stashy

    I thought those body butters were deodorant sticks! XD That’s a really handy format actually – good for travel and no spilling. Hehe, I’ve been putting beauty stuff in the fridge with instructions to the SO, “do NOT eat please!”
    The Lip Quenches sound like my jam – I love tinted lip balms. Soothing AND I get a hint of colour. 🙂
    I used to use a lot of face masks that are loose powder like that – a bit messy but I liked that you can use anything as the base. I used to use aloe gel or even green tea to mix in instead of plain water. 😀
    CONGRATS on being ambassador for the FShoppe!!! ❤ Like I said on IG, you'll be the BEST ambassador they ever saw! 😀 Such an exciting venture for you! Enjoy every single minute of it! ❤

    1. Cat Forsley

      i love YOU xox
      this is a STASHY ESSAY xo
      i love it xxxx
      you would love the lip quenches kinda like bite agave but thinner consistency
      i have the top little side shelf where you would usually put condiments – that’s mine -DJ knows lol
      and sometimes i put some candy on the same little shelf lol
      i though it was deodorant too at first ,,,,,
      very soooothing – puts me right to sleep me likey xo
      Thank you my stasheroo xo and i look forward to seeing you soon yeah ?
      we need to
      #somuchcheese xo

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