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Hiya BeYoutifullls!!!

So This is Going to be a new edit for each month – Very Simple & Things I am loving!

So here we go!

1- All Things Yummy Scented

Bodycology – Creamy Vanilla

The body wash IS GONE – I used it up in 9 days – it’s that good – I love Gourmand scents – I love to smell like CAKE – YES ! All sweet things appeal to me right now.

These are amazing !

2- All things Glowy


ALL things that add that EXTRA GLOW are doing it for me right now

This PALETTE started my CRAZE- It’s all Charlotte Tilbury’s Fault !


THE amount of compliments I have received on how Glowy I look is kinda crazy-

I mean I take care of my skin but – The easy peasy step by step on this Amazing Palette takes me 15 minutes.

And tada GLOW!

I am eyeing this

Her Filmstar Bronze & Glow 

So YES – Big obsession and I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon !


This is obvious right?

I cannot get enough and I have a LOT !

This photo is one of my faves

4 – All Things MOM’S DAY !

Yupp I am a Mom and I love This time of Year –



Avalon Organics

If you follow me on Instagram –You know I love my iG STORIES –

I adore Talking about products there

This is the most beautiful Mom’s day bag I have ever received

Full of Soothing organics –

Love the whole vibe and feel !

Thanks AVALON!


Whether it be cherry blossoms or baby carnations – This is the time of year when I tale a million photos and just revel in the blooms!

What are You guys loving this Month !

and Happy Early Mom’s Day To the awesome moms out there

*pr samples included as always these are my opinions


  1. Great choices! My oldest stole my Bodycology set – it smells amazing though so I don’t blame her.

    Your Bite collection is crazy impressive. So, so good! I really do love their lippies and I need to grow my collection 😍

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      winky winky
      I will be writing YOU later
      YES – bodycology is YUMMMMM right ?
      i love to smell like CAKE

      xo LOVE


    1. Hi empowered girl boss !
      i hope u changed that – wink
      i will check !!!!!!!!!!!!
      YEAH amazing – right ?
      I had never seen them before – so the scent is a MEGA YUMMMMMMY XX

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  2. Oh you are just killing me with that CT palette. I am petting the screen. ❤
    That BITE photo is amazing! Makes me want to collect them all, like Pokeman, haha!
    I've not tried Avalon Organic – what a sweet mother's day bag. 🙂
    We went walking and came across so many blooms – I loved it but my allergies didn't. 😛

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    1. ur petting the screen !!!!!!
      I LOVE THAT !!!!!!!!!
      whatchat think of the filmstar ?
      i need it YES
      YEAH i am a Bite collector stashy
      u know …
      like stamps lol
      Avalon does lovely things for young women
      DIG IT !!!!!!!!!
      take a claritin ,,,,
      ??? xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxxo


    1. yes !!!!!!! My son is 12 xoxoxoxx
      he is not in any pics as i like to keep him private until he is of age xoxoxxo
      sometimes he is in my ig stories xo
      but for now xxx
      I am a very happy Mom xoxo
      Big hugs Chanelle xo
      C xo

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