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Hey Guys !!!!

Today I wanted to write about something more in the lifestyle realm from a very personal angle…

Last weekend was probably one of the first weekends I have Truly relaxed in a long time.

What did I do differently than I usually do?

I am a Mom to a 12 year old and sometimes just sometimes it gets intense- especially during the summertime


So These are 5 things I consciously did that REALLY relaxed me. When I write ZEN – I mean super chill – I am by no means religious. I am spiritual Yes but Zenning out means being at a place where mind, body, soul and heart are in a Good – Non stressed out place.

1- I created more than usual .. Digital art is one of my huge passions that sends me into a total chill zone.

2- I worked out More – I started running again about a month ago – No Marathon Cat here but it feels good. For me it’s all about the wind in my hair and that freedom.

3- I slept more. I am a Light sleeper but when I sleep NO one can wake me up. I started to use essential oils again and I found they make such a difference.

4. More Music

I guess I hadn’t been listening to music as much as I usually do . WHY > I have No Idea – It’s such an important part of who I am,  I fixed up my music faves on YouTube and kinda let them run.. This also helps with art creation.  All art forms go hand in hand. There is no question about it.

ALSO Spotify 

I could live on Spotify

5- I stayed in My zone and focused on myself. That’s the key. Reeling it in on weekends is super important and for the first time I had way more energy for myself.

So MORAL of the story ….

Weekends will always be this way now ….

Always x

All love


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  1. Your positivity always amazes me!! I love the lifestyle posts for a change of pace. I want to commend you for being an awesome mom! Thanks for the music, that’s always a great thing!
    much love…..all love….love love love!!!

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    1. aww xxxx thanks BABE xxxxxx are YOU COMING BACK to the podcast or what ?????
      Dal Airs tomorrow xxx
      very sweet of you to say .
      I wanna do more lifestyle posts yes – they feel cozy xxxxx
      Thanks for the nudge – it’s COLD here xo
      LOVE YOU


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