Amazing Summer Haircare – Infusium23 Moisture Replenisher Collection

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Hi Guys !!!!

Today I am reviewing Hairrrr products and I love it as I haven’t done very many!

Maybe 5 in total ?

Anyways maybe this is because I am so BASIC when it comes to haircare! You can ask me about fragrance, Shoes …. hehe or just about anything else and usually I will tell You everything…

When it comes to my hair- I am wash and wear – EASY PEASY – rarely blow dry …

My hair is naturally very light and fine but I have tons of it and it’s slightly wild and on the drier side.  In all honesty I like having my hair done much more than doing my own hair.

Enter Awesome products for really Low maintenance Cat – (in hair YES HA)

I had so much fun with this photo –

Each Product is Awesome

Let’s get into them


Moisture Replenisher Shampoo

Start with Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Shampoo, rich with intensive hair-healthy hydrators and moisture-preserving ingredients to nourish deeply and cleanse gently. Our i-23 Complex®, enriched with provitamins, proteins and amino acids, pampers and promotes soft, healthy-looking, manageable hair.

My Thoughts

Really lovely. Love the light scent and the fact that it’s not soapy feeling… I don’t like that much lather in shampoo as I feel that the more LATHERY – the more it takes moisture out. This shampoo is great and my son even likes it.

Moisture Replenisher Conditioner 

Follow cleansing with Infusium 23® Moisture Replenisher Conditioner, rich with intensive hydrators and shine boosters to pamper your hair completely. Our i-23 Complex®, enriched with provitamins, proteins, and amino acids, restores hair with essential moisture. Rinses clean to prevent buildup, while leaving hair soft, shiny, and super manageable.

My Thoughts

Conditioner is always my fave part!  I leave this on for about 5 minutes and then rinse with cool and sometimes COLD water. I find this seals the cuticle of my hair shaft – Blonde hair is way more porous so I find this really helps.  This conditioner leaves my hair soft and way more manageable than other conditioners I have tried recently and again – I love the scent.

And lastly my FAVE of the 3

Moisture Replenisher Leave-In Treatment  

Finish with Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-in Treatment for maximum moisture benefits, blended with intensive high-performance hydrators to restore and transform. Our i-23 Complex®, enriched with provitamins, proteins, and amino acids, dramatically recovers hair’s lost moisture, shine, and manageability. Instantly detangles wet or dry hair. Light enough for everyday use.

My Thoughts

THIS IS PURE Awesomness!

Adds extra MOISTURE TO dry hair!!! Love it as This is the time – (Summer) When my hair gets the most CRAZY….This tames it – Absolutely.

Included was a beautiful big ceramic round brush which I am in love with and

HAIR SLINKY mania xx

my new fave accessory ….

Seriously – Hello 80’S MADONNA around the wrist at all times

unless they are n my hair…

ALL my regular hair elastics are GONE! After Using these – BYE BYE BASIC ELASTICS



Such Great stuff !

What are You guys using for hair care these days ?





  1. I haven’t used Infusium in ages but I recall their leave-in treatment was really good!
    Those coil telephone cord hair elastics are AWESOME! Doesn’t it look like this:

    😆 Who has a corded phone anymore? Do people know what this is?!

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  2. I remember curl cord telephones! Haha! Awesome review. Infusium takes me way back to some of the first hair products I ever tried. My mom used infusium for years so I saw it in her bathroom first and it stuck with me when I got older and tried it. It’s great stuff!

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    1. LOL all about the phone – BASICALLY i need one xxxx like that xx
      I totally think they reinvented themselves xxx
      But i never tried the older Infusium ???


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