Michel Germain -Séxūal Paris – Fragrance

Hi Lovelies !!

Today I have a Gorgeous Fragrance to talk about …

I have been wearing it Non stop since receiving it!

Sexual Paris eau de parfum spray

How many photos can I take of one bottle ..?

MANY …..

It’s Just so stunning!

As someone that believes Fragrance is a true art form – the design is a total Knock out – as well as what’s inside of course …

A bit about Michel Germain …


Michel Germain

His department store collection ranks in the top 10, both in ladies’ and men’s.

He was inspired to create a fragrance out of love for his wife, Norma, who never wore fragrance. Michel loved perfume and tried to convince Norma to wear it by buying her several fragrances. However, Norma still did not wear any scent. One day in frustration, Michel asked Norma why she did not wear perfume and she replied, “I cannot find one that makes me feel seductive and attractive, as if I am the only woman in the world.”

Michel was captivated by Norma’s expression of femininity and Norma’s wish became his dream to create. After spending 5 years creating his first fragrance for her, he fulfilled her wish. He now is bringing romance and allure in perfume form to every woman.

Michel’s fragrances have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Glamour, and Self Magazines as well as The Tonight Show. Many celebrities own a Michel Germain fragrance.

“There is no such thing as too much Séxual. Indulge and feel like no other woman in the world”



The shape of the bottle and the 180 hand placed pink crystals make this So very unique and very sensual to hold in my hand.

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when you find the perfect wall to match a fragrance …. Sexual Paris by @sexualperfume French Sophistication. Romance. Love. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne clementine mixes with passionflower and romantic jasmine. Sophisticated sandalwood and gorgeous amber makes Sexual Paris always a good idea. Infused with a secret ingredient, an aphrodisiac that is never to be revealed but always remembered. Michel Germain spent 5 years researching the world of aphrodisiacs, natural oils that man has used for centuries to create allure, inspire romance, and invite closeness. It's soooooooo good and will be in my June faves on my blog soon xo have a magical week xo ps sexiest fragrance EVER! All love Cat #mylipaddiction #michelgermain #fragrance #pink #luxurybeauty #torontoblogger #bbloggers #petitejoys #madeinfrance #fragranceaddict #bblogerca #canadianblogger #sensual #perfume #luxuryfragrance #scent #torontoigers #luxe #summerfragrance #florals #beautyaddict #beautifuldesign #aphrodisiac #sexualperfume #alllove

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“Live la vie en rose. Every spritz is a world where French sophistication dances with romance and love. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champage clementine mixes with passionflower and romantic jasmine.”

Naturals Create Your Signature.
Feel like the only woman in the world.

Naturals blend perfectly with your body chemistry creating your own one-of-a-kind personalized signature scent, that no one else will have. You will be your own beautiful gorgeousness. You will feel remarkably beautiful and others will see you as special.

Aphrodisiacs Invite Closeness.
Others want more of you.

Infused with a secret ingredient, an aphrodisiac that is never to be revealed but always remembered. Michel Germain spent 5 years researching the world of aphrodisiacs, natural oils that man has used for centuries to create allure, inspire romance, and invite closeness.


FRAGRANCE: Floriental
TOP: French Blackcurrant, Champagne Clementine, Galbanum
: Passionflower, Jasmine, Patchouli
: Sophisticated Sandalwood, Modern Amber, Vetivert

Yes another photo – I had so much fun with this bottle

My thoughts on this Fragrance

This is Definitely the most Sensual Fragrance I have ever worn. It’s not heavy and it’s not light.

As all fragrance changes according to our unique chemistries, on me this is breathy and powdery. It’s so unique. The best way I can describe it in one word is ….


I can smell all the florals and the sandalwood and it just lingers all day …

There is only one other fragrance that smells better as the day goes on (because of the warmth of the body) and that is Bobbi Brown Beach 


and eager to collect because well – why Not !!!


All Love

xo Cat

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  1. The bottle design is beautiful especially that cap! It reminds me of a glammed up Ontario Place…

    No? 😆
    That’s so sweet he created this fragrance for his wife! ❤ But how ironic that the perfumer's wife never wore fragrances! Until this one… 🙂

    1. OH STASHY
      This is one of the millions of reasons why I love you
      THE WAY you see things xxx
      U know what I am Gonna do wiTH this LOL

      1. Oooh, definitely get the Buffet Serum and the Hyaluronic Acid. Can’t you do retinol / retinoid – if you can, I recommend the retinoid serum. I need to try their C Serum – I think it is finally restocked.

            1. Okay my sweet xxxxx i am Gonna re read you
              i saw them on well.ca
              the other day and i was LIKE WHY have i not bought these yet
              LOVE and THANKS

  2. Sounds like a lovely fragrance and that bottle really is something else. Thanks for the review!

  3. Haha, I also want a man who would be trying for 5 years to please my senses😊 The bottle really looks good. I’ve never heard of this brand, will have to check now whether it is available in the UK.

        1. She is MAGICAL that Little stashy xxx lol xxxx
          it’s her birthday coming up I AM PLANNING MANY PRANKS lol xxx
          LOVE XO and happy weekend xo

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