Jason Wu’s New Fragrance – Thank You Dave Lackie ! (Part 1)


Hi BeYouties!

Last week was Non stop and super fun and I was so Lucky to be invited to Dave Lackie’s VIP Event for the launch of Jason Wu’s new fragrance.

It was the first time as a blogger that I got to meet such an amazing force in Fashion

& the first time I didn’t take 200 pics….. I love ig stories and tweets as You guys know Dave Lackie’s events are always so interactive.

It was held at Canoe Restaurant in a private dining room and it was so nice to reconnect with so many of the bloggers I love.

ALSO to see my Favourite Man in Beauty – DAVE LACKIE!

The energy at Dave’s events is always SO bedazzling. I have no other word for it!

More about JASON WU – From Dave Lackie’s Site – 



“I create clothes for women who are not only fiercely fashionable but also own their power and femininity, but the heart of my collection will always be the craftsmanship: everything starts with my obsession with details” –Jason Wu

The EVENT WAS gorgeous – THE Cocktails were inspired by Wu’s new fragrance and I seriously wish I remembered the recipe !


I did not take photos of the food … of course I didn’t ……. Too busy Talking ….:)

Some very cute and wacky moments …

You may recognize some of these adorable bloggers

Now about the Fragrance –

I really believe this is the best of 2017!


I have had 3 events in one week so I need to really sit with it a teensy bit longer.

My next post will be a full focus on WHY I think this is Fragrance of the year!

I love Fragrance probably as much as I love lipstick ….

So watch out for that!

Thank You so much to Dave Lackie for a Gazillion reasons ….

YES a little shy here – see those hunching shoulders !!!!

Dave Lackie is everywhere





Make sure to follow him for the best in beauty !

I cannot wait to write about this poetic fragrance that conjures so much!

All love xo



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  1. What an incredible event featuring such an incredible talent – Jason Wu! I’m soooo jealous that you got to meet him in person! He seems like a humble person even with all of his success. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about this fragrance…

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