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So Today I am writing about what I think is the best fragrance of 2017!

Bold words Yes since we are not at the end of the year yet ….

Jason Wu Eau De Parfum 

So First – The description from His amazing site

Jason Wu introduces his first fragrance that captures the refined glamour of the sophisticated Jason Wu woman. The freshly alluring scent shimmers during the day and evolves into a deep peppery note that is sensual and seductive.

Beautifully crafted from the inside out, the eau de parfum is constructed around one of perfumery’s most prized ingredients-the rare jasmine. Enhanced by an extravagant floral bouquet and sensual woods, the fragrance is a reflection of Jason’s uncompromising passion and attention to detail.

Strikingly beautiful in its simplicity, the bottle is refined and architectural, yet undeniably feminine. A true work of art, this fragrance boasts elements of surprise in every detail, from the perfectly smooth glass to the pressed powder feel of the carton. More than a fragrance, a true sensorial experience.

Fragrance Family: Fresh Floral Woody 
Key Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Pink Pepper, Fig, Iris, Sensual Woods


When I saw this video which really mesmerized me; I fell in love with the whole Feel of the fragrance even more.


In collaboration with renowned master perfumer Frank Voelkl of Firmenich, Jason captures a sense of nostalgia with the strong presence of Jasmine Sambac. It brought Jason back to his childhood in Taiwan where he used to pick the flower from his neighbor’s stone wall.

The fragrance is fresh, floral, and woody. The top note of Pink Pepper and Fig adds movement and vibrancy while the base note of Silky Musk adds texture. Jasmine Sambac, the key ingredient of this fragrance, is of the highest quality of floral extracts in perfumery—it is handpicked in India at only a select period of time to tap into its full vibrancy.


Jason Wu

My Thoughts 

I fell in Love with it right away at The Fragrance Launch.

The Bottle is heavy and feels so good in my hands. The smoothness of the glass and
the softness of the carton itself.
It’s an artistic statement from the inside out.
Mid Century Modern in design which is so fresh and alluring right now.
The Nude/Blush of the Fragrance is elegant and timeless.
  I have not been surprised by a fragrance since all things Mugler. I am a giant Mugler fan and have been since the late 90’s. Jason Wu’s Fragrance is completely different of course but the comparison I am drawing upon here is of the craftsmanship and Vision of the designers respectively.
Fragrance is poetic and Wu’s carries me to a time in my life that I remember fondly.
I was a little kid in Hong Kong and something about the feel and the vibrant flowers sends me back.
Fragrance is never just a scent that we wear.
If it’s a Great fragrance then it’s a work of art.
Wu has achieved this and more in his first fragrance and I eagerly await the next one.
Very rarely do I come across a scent that plays upon All my senses in its poetry.
Thanks Again to Dave Lackie for the beautiful Invite and if You like Statement Scents
then Jason Wu will leave You bedazzled.
Jason Wu Eau De Parfum is available at Hudson’s Bay 

All love xo



*Sample for review and as always these are my opinions


  1. I absolutely LOVE the bottle! So modern but not boring.
    I really like pink pepper in perfumes – it adds a spicy but doesn’t overpower. And jasmine – YES please! I can see why you’re saying this is the scent of the year! I can’t wait to go smell this at Hudson’s Bay!

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