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Hi guys

So a little while I had a wonderful experience with a great service called HelloFresh.

This time They are offering a pretty amazing code for my subscribers


Hi HELLOCAT8 is worth 3 free meals 

on their website 

HelloFresh’s meal delivery service is now available in Canada, and focus on *weeknight meals* and specifically moms, dads, and others who are trying to save time and money while also eating wholesome, delicious meals.

More Than Food

Chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients, delivered to your doorstep every week.


This time I cooked 2 really yummy meals

Tandoory Meatball curry

Tandory Meatball curry hellofresh.jpg

And my Favourite of their curated meals

Garlic-Lime Chicken With Avocado Salsa and Mexican Street Corn

Garlic-Lime Chicken Hello fresh.jpg




So Good You guys and My son loved them like crazy.

Again – You can use my code Hi HELLOCAT8 and try them out for free!

I really hope to have some more food posts up soon – they are so much fun and creative!

All love


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* This is a Sponsored post and always these are my opinions

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  1. This all looks so scrumptious. The idea of ” Chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients” is amazing. I would cook more if I had some recipe ideas. Also Thank you for the coupon code. Wohoo!

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