Back To Black – Style



Hey Guys !!!!

Style file – again Yes !!!!

I Love my brights – Seriously – Red is my favourite colour this season.

But I do and have always loved black ….. Most of my clothes are black.

Enter Awesome Toni Clark. 

Online Boutique from Toronto.

First of all this FIERCE dress

If I could grocery shop in this I would – Seriously 

The DRAMA ….

Seriously – the sleeves – the lace

and it fits like a glove

So excited to have found Her!

I’ve Got so much more to show you from Her Boutique

All love



this dress was sent to me gratis – as always these are my views


  1. Cat, You look absolutelyyyyy stunning babe! Love the sleeves and love the whole vibe you have in the photos! More! More! style files. They’re my new favourites from you.

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