Cityline Taping- Tracy Moore & Dave Lackie 🌟🌟🌟


Happy February Loves!!!

Love Month!!! My Fave!

On Friday I had the opportunity to be part of a live taping of Cityline’s Fashion Friday – to air This Friday- February 8th!

My hands are still sore from clapping so hard! lol – so much fun!

I’ve been lucky enough to see Tracy Moore and Dave Lackie in action before and You can read those posts

Behind the Scenes at Cityline – Dave Lackie

Here and here

This time felt even brighter, so amplified in spirit and heart!

I think it is because I got to know Tracy – MORE!


You guys Know How I feel about Empowering Women and this Video Just melts my Heart!

Click The image to see the full Video on Cityline

Magical – Understatement!

She’s So Open and funny and definitely at one with Her audience .


Did I mention FUNNY!

I giggled so MUCH!


For me, it’s always about the experience and the feelings that are conjured during an event and being in the audience is PURE JOY!

I sat in the front row and loved every nanosecond. So much goes into a show as big as Cityline and it’s so fun to learn about the behind the scenes.

Dave Lackie brought the beauty big time!

Best in Beauty ALWAYS !!!

SHHHH lol !!! You will have to tune in on Friday to see his beauty segment!

Dave has just launched a brand new account on Instagram -after a brutal cyber attack so follow him


I am going to show YOU all the AHMAZING gift bag the audience received in another post, as it’s intense!

I love catching him on snapchat! Hehe


They are such a dynamic team – I couldn’t get enough

Still Can’t!!!


You know what they say – Positivity brings on more positivity! ( Or something like that! )

Couldn’t be more true with Tracy Moore and Dave Lackie!


How much did I enjoy this experience – well, If you have read my blog for a bit you will know that what really drives my heart is Passion. Passion for people like Tracy and Dave that Give their ALL to everything they do. Big Hearted human beings that inspire me to give my All – MORE – ! MOORE! wink!

Passion is a 4 letter word in my book – LOVE

When I get to see dynamic human beings doing incredible things with all their Hearts – My heart soars!


You can catch the show on Friday, February 8th on Cityline 

 I will be back with all the beauty we received before then!


All Love


  1. Lucky cat 🐱 😘😘😘 I Love cityline show and love even more when Dave is on😘😘😘 glad you had fun thanks for sharing your amazing day 😘😘😘

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  2. Absolutely! Dave and Tracy have so much passion! And that’s why these Fashion Friday segments with the two of them together are my favourite! It sounds like you had a BLAST! I can’t wait to watch the episode on Friday!! ❤️

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    1. Let me tell You something Dr. Jess xxxx I love that you read each word and you see behind my words xxxxxxxxx into what I am really saying ….. You are a real gem xxxxx YOU KNOW THIS !!!!! XOXOXOXO

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  3. I loved your stories from attending this! Tracy is such a beautiful personality and Dave too. I had the please of meeting them both and they’re so sweet in person.

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