FARMACY Beauty – Honey Harvest – Skincare

Hi BeYoutifulls! It’s Gift Set season isn’t it!!!!! LOVE IT! A Little skincare today! But not just any skincare FARMACY BeautyΒ  They are a brand that are very near to my heart. VERY! At the end of the summer Mark Veeder- Creator of the brand just showed up at my place whilst he was in […]

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BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Vault

HI Hi Hi So today I am in my dreamland …. My Utopia really! If You read me you KNOW how much I adore BITE Beauty You can read other posts I have written Here and HereΒ  So unboxing and Half of the Vault for today. To tell you the truth – I just stared […]

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Sephora Favorites -Give Me Some Lip – Mini Review & Swatches

Happy Saturday lovelies! 9 Days and counting down til my move (itssoniceoutidontfeellikepackingtoday) I Got this little cutie a few days ago and there was only 1 left – score! The packaging is so Dang cute …….And It’s a great way for me to try out colours and decide if I want to go full size. […]

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And the winner for August Is πŸ’‹

Thanks to everyone who entered this Month – I really liked it being a week long giveaway much more than my usual 3 day Crazy whirlwind Β ! For September, My giveaway will be in the middle of the month- after I have settled in Β after my move. Anyways I entered all the URLS into the […]

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And The Winner for’s July GiveAway is πŸ’‹

Seriously –Β πŸ’‹ that was amazing !Β  3 days of pure whirlwind! Thanks so Much in taking part –Β  You ladies almost broke my computer – HA – ALMOST xoxoxoΒ  I slept like a baby yesterday afternoon –Β  I don’t like Long Giveaways – Naturally a Hyper Cat xo And …. I look forward To August’s […]

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Super Yay – Β It’s that Time againΒ πŸ’‹ Giveaway Time!!!!! First of all – Thanks to all that subscribe to my beauty blog – means a ton! Second of all – Thanks to the past brands I have been able to work with – and the exciting ones that are coming up- I am Thrilled! so […]

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