Creating my Love Potion with DEMETER-

Hi Beauties !!!!!

A month ago, I customized my own scent with DEMETER & The CBB and it was so much fun ! You Can read about it HERE!

I reached out to DEMETER and they were so receptive to my creativity! So Awesome when Brands “get” You. A very large box came in yesterday- I was in Good shock!  I work for myself right now and hope that One day I can work for a brand that really thrives on creativity and enthusiasm! – Okay Okay I am so digressing – It’s all the scents in here ! Wow! Anyways what I mean to say It’s really lovely when a brand or company FEELS your passion and drive to create. So – a mega Huge box came- over 20 scents !!! EEK !!!!

It’s Valentine’s Day in a few days – wink! What a perfect opportunity to create and customize a new scent !!!!!! A love potion really !

Vaslentines with Demeter

check this mess !!!!!!!

See those massage oils on the right !!!!!!! OMG – amazing – Sex On the Beach smells like the cocktail 100% ! It’s Pretty Fascinating to me that you can Bottle scents like that! I remember drinking those in my 20’s! It’s Exact!

Between the Sheets – HELLO SENSUAL! JUICY MANGO and just Yum ! I will have them Linked after I describe my Valentines Day Trio!

So In the Trio kit – we have Chocolate Mint, Moonbeam & Dark Chocolate.

I liked Moonbeam the most ! It’s a “FOODIE FLORAL” hello!!!!!

That’s what I gravitate to the most! It has opening notes of Vanilla & Chocolate but then something happens- It opens up Lily of the Valley, Jasmine. A perfect mix of dark and Light! It’s inspired by the poetry of Percy Shelley! No wonder I like it so much!

chocolate trio pyriamid

Again as I did in the last blending post- I do a Reverse pyramid !!! Using the sweet but NOT Overly sweet Dark Chocolate as the base and then adding just a tiny bit of Chocolate mint – which so reminds me of the Mint chocolate chip ice cream I loved as a kid.

Dark Chocolate pulls You in, making you do a double take! I mean, when you smell Chocolate don’t You do a double take?  I do !!

Then the slight amount of ice creamy goodness is the middle part note of the scent.

It then leads you up to the TOP!!!!

Moonbeam! My Unique scent is about 40% Moonbeam.  You have the deep depth of Dark chocolate, the sweet splash of ice cream and then a whole lot of Poetic Moonbeam!

SO – if I had to describe it in a very short sentence I would say that It’s sensual, Sweet and lyrical – as it plays upon the senses…

And since I am really into prose and poetry (I’ve written a book – another post!!)

I decided to call it Eyes Like Hearts !

It’s sexy in a poetic fairytale way- does that make sense?


Here It is !

LIKE emojis !!!


eyes like hearts

Oh yes – here are the two oils I mentioned above

Sex On The Beach  &

Between The Sheets

You can check out all their Blending Trio kits Here and Thanks so much for coming on this little scent journey with me!

*I did receive these products gratis but as always these are my honest opinions!

Tomorrow Is Chloe Love Story Day – So Will see You beauties after that!


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  1. Moonbeam sounds amazing! And I think I would dig the Dark Chocolate scent too – I much prefer dark, almost bitter, chocolate! 🍫
    Great concoction! ❤️❤️👀 LMAO! 😘😍😂😉

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    1. u cuckooo lookooo xxxxxxxx lol happy valentines boobs day ….
      yeah you would really like Moonbeam and Aphrodetites slipper (shehasboobst00butnotfeaturedhere) xoxoxox ❤


  2. Now that is 3 unique scents you have blended!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I am so glad you found the perfect mix and the name is on point!! #creativecat on the loose!!

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