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Hi Guys

Today I have a sponsored feature on Daisy Cup

It’s Gonna get personal in here – so here we Go!


I received my monthly period- It is a Gift! – at the age of 13.  It was during a tennis lesson – yes I was wearing all white! EEK, whilst we were living in Boston, Ma.

At that time – I was kind of confused about feminine issues! Why did I get mine so early. Why did I have hips and breasts already! I was Not Happy about getting a VISITOR each month – haha!

Here is where I get RANTY!!!!!!!

How much money have I spent throughout my Life on tampons and pads!

I’m sure If I actually knew that total- I would be extra ranty!

Environmentally speaking – TAMPONS AND PADS – do I need to say any more?

also – AS WOMEN WE BUY TAMPONS AND PADS – MEN DON’T –  that could be a whole other blog post!




From Daisy Cup’s Website

What is a menstrual cup?

Hello ladies! If you’ve landed on this site but have no idea what a menstrual cup is, you’re in the right place. Take off your heels, relax with a nice cup of tea, and let’s get to it.

A menstrual cup is a reusable cup that you insert inside your vagina. Simple, right? We have a lot of options for managing our periods, but menstrual cups provide an alternative to expensive, disposable pads and tampons. Cups are environmentally friendly, healthy, and comfortable – even if you experience a heavy flow.



Well hello this is seemingly a still TABOO topic. I don’t know why this is! Maybe it’s society or leftover patriarchy looming…BUT EVERYONE GETS THEIR PERIOD! – Period!

The Daisy Cup is comfortable – they have different sizes! 

The Daisy Cup saves you A TON OF MONEY!

The Daisy Cup doesn’t end up in landfills – with tampons and pads

The Daisy Cup is made of 100% medical grade Silicone and does not leak.

This brand – CREATED BY A WOMAN – CHEERING – Her name is Daisy – ALSO GIVES BACK

Again from Their website 

Liberate and Educate with Good360

DaisyCup is in business to liberate and educate women specifically to make their lives easier. Nonprofit Good360 is the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving and leverages its relationships with socially responsible companies to source highly needed goods and distributes them through its diverse network of nonprofit partners both in the US and internationally.  

Good360 collaborates with like-minded, philanthropic brands to provide hope and relief for displaced people who have survived natural disasters or who have suffered personal hardships.

Our mission is to create global awareness about women who are disenfranchised; living in impoverished conditions and can’t afford to purchase sanitary, feminine hygiene products.

Our DaisyCup is a menstrual cup designed to last for up to ten years. With Good360 we have the ability to provide a free alternative feminine hygiene product with the targeted education needed.

Together, we have instituted a Get One, Give One program. For every DaisyCup that’s purchased, Good360 receives a free cup from us and hands it off to a trusted, vetted community nonprofit to serve populations most in need.  

Because… it shouldn’t be a luxury to fulfill a basic female need every month if she cannot afford it. It should be burden free – financially and psychologically…period.

If you are interested in trying one – You can receive 15% off at checkout using Code CAT15

I love DAISY CUP because they rage against the machine !!!!!!











  1. Not one for me personally but interesting to read a little more about it as I knew of it, but not much more than the basics. Certainly an interesting alternative to consider for those who potential could use it. xx

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  2. Yes!! You know that I have a hippie soul so this would be fantastic for me!

    Periods should never be a taboo! It’s a sign that our bodies are working as they should be! It’s when the periods start acting funny that we should start talking more about it with one another.

    Stay healthy sweetheart!

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    1. it’s so interesting right
      i think that is society in our brains just telling us to follow the status quo
      it’s time to change things MORE AS WOMEN XXXXXXXXXX
      i listened to your episode with me last night


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