My Halo Experience – Visage Clinic

Thank You to VISAGE CLINIC for hosting me


Hi Guys !!!

On Thursday I experienced the HALO laser at VISAGE CLINIC 

I am in the healing stage right now and I wanted to write about the treatment since the experience is still VERY FRESH in my mind.


I arrived very early and I was very very excited.  The patch test had healed well and the Doctor decided on a 20 Micron treatment for me – Full Face


They applied a topical numbing cream to my whole face and then we waited about an hour.


 I had scheduled to have a ton of time to heal after and to really take care of myself.

Here is video of the procedure being done. I won’t say it was painless…. haha ! I would compare it to a big sunburn feeling. I have had a c- section – and a lot of medical procedures so on a 10 – being the highest in pain – I would say this is a 2.

The procedure lasted about an hour and the team was absolutely amazing . I went home and applied ice packs to my face and started to apply the amazing Placenta cream by Biologique Recherche.

Pain wise there was only heat. I took Tylenol right after and once again before I went to sleep .


What is Happening to my skin now

It’s shedding like a snake!

It’s tight and I cannot wear makeup or use any cleansers or other products until I am healed.

All the hyper-pigmentation is coming to the surface: think of it like skin debris.

The wrinkles around my eyes and forehead look non existent. It’s like the Halo Laser obliterated them.

I am drinking and eating green everything and I find that when I focus on the inside of me – the outside mirrors that.

I am staying out of the sun and wearing big hats and shades-I am in constant contact with the amazing team at Visage and I think that’s what makes them extra special. They are there for you night and day.

I am going back on Tuesday for a little follow up and so far I am more than Pleased! I am seeing the old skin come to the surface and shed to reveal newness!


I am so excited to see my results and again – am fascinated by the science and the amazing patient care!


I am so happy I made the decision to jump in!!!!!!!!


I’ll circle back and post after I have my follow up – with my final thoughts 



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  1. Looking forward to your future content.
    I would love if you could not only follow me back, but turn on my notifications so you know when I post!
    Mena 🌷💕


    1. honey XXX i am at the two week mark and wow ,,,,,,,, really it was just uncomfortable
      but my whole face was numbed before
      AND NOW
      the glow is almost surreal

      i am so in love with my skin xxx


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